About Us

We have a vast experience in Crowdfunding Marketing and we have been helping entrepreneurs with getting their products to the market. We specialize in promoting crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo and over the last few years we gained over a 1,200 satisfied customers and we helped them gain over $15,200,000 in funds.

Our Services

We are a team of marketing professionals that specializes in raising funds for entrepreneurs via crowdfunding. We offer levels of support and specific programs to fit a variety of marketing needs – everything from basic social media and email programs to full campaigns customized by industry, geography, and budget. What we do? We work with crowdfunding projects to increase funding and number of backers for their project. We create a solid plan, offer prelaunch marketing, Email Campaign, Social Media Campaign and much more. We work on Social Media campaigns for fundraising through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+.and many more.

Easy to Start.

Simply choose one of our packages and once you complete the checkout send us a link to your Campaign.

We Work World Wide.

although we are based in the UK, we support projects from all around the world and we work 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Great Results.

Our packages guarantee you great results as we are the only marketing company with over 90.4% success rate.

360 Campaign Management

We plan and execute every aspect of your campaign. From pricing strategy and number crunching to creative messaging and performance advertising.

Performance Advertising

With our proprietary algorithms and software, we help you maximize campaign results.


Based on our growing knowledge base, we’ll help you steer your campaign to excellence.

Brainstorming DB

Our awesome creative is always done by our very human team, which we then optimize by testing against multiple creatives that showed good performance with similar audiences.

Aggregated Predictive Analytics

Our system analyzes real-time data from multiple sources to optimize campaigns. This helps understand what’s happening, but also what effort will have the best yield.

Adaptive Targeting

We gather a massive amount of data and use it to constantly improve our advertising ROI. Smart targeting that gets better with every campaign.

Our Portfolio


All our services can be applied to both pre-launch and live crowdfunding campaigns.

Please contact us with your campaign link prior to placing the order with our company.

All our services are backed up by the 30 Days Money back guarantee.

2K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
10K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
20K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
4K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
30K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
60K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
100K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
200K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
500K+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan
1 Million+ Backers & Influencers Premium Plan

Contact Us Today


Q: How long does it take to approve the project for the marketing promotion?

A: It takes up to 1 hour, however, in some circumstances it may take longer.

Q: We are a registered business, can you provide the invoice for the order?

A: Yes, please send us your billing address and contact details to hello@promediadesigns.net and we will arrange it ASAP.

Q: What are your strategies?

A: We have got a database of backers and we do Influencer Marketing on Social Media mainly on Facebook and Twitter.
We have a great quality audience that would be interested in your project and support you.
The audience is obviously targeted so if you have any recommendations for us please let us know so we can adjust our strategies.

Q: Do you report and, if yes, how often?

A: We report every 2 days and provide live tracking link to our activities as soon as we start.

Q: Do you offer Money back guarantee?

A: Yes, 30 days money back guarantee in case of any troubles and issues with the order.

Q: How do I start?

A: In order to start, please decide what package you would be interested in.
Once you make a decision, please send us your campaign link.
We need to review and approve your project before proceeding. We aim to make a decision within an hour.
Once we approve the project, please place the order on our website.
We start promotion the same day or within 12 hours, we provide proof of work with the link to statistics and screenshots.